With TerreChiare we offer you:

ritual ceramics and creative paths

to promote well-being and interconnection

The history of TerreChiare

TerreChiare was born during 2017, within the walls of a ceramic workshop. Officially it starts in January 2019 in Giaveno (Turin, Italy), then in September 2019 it moves to Rivarossa (To) and who knows what will be the next destination!

Mission and Vision

A creative person is a free being, capable of self-determination and living in harmony.
The idea behind TerreChiare is to spread well-being and an eco-sustainable lifestyle.
Such as? Through contact with the earth and creativity. Contributing to the beauty of the external, internal and internal environments.

The TerreChiare project combines ceramic know-how with being. Between technique and art therapy, the proposals try to keep ecology and creative expression together.

The ceramics are inspired by spiritual research and personal growth in the educational and relational field.

The pathways of art therapy start from the needs we encounter from day to day in the people we meet and from the observation of our community and society.

Chiara Contatore

Chiara Contatore

creator of TerreChiare

Born in Bologna on December 26th 1989.

After the scientific high school diploma with Brocca experimentation and the degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques (three years of Psychology at the Turin Faculty), at the age of twenty-two Chiara left for a year of civil service in Cajamarca, in northern Peru. She knows here the rural schools of the NGO Warmayllu, where she appreciates education through art and interculturality and respect for Mother Earth.

On her return she deepened her artistic training with the documentary film course of the school of Ostana by Fredo Valla and Giorgio Diritti, with an illustration course at the school of Sarmede (Treviso), the basic course of the autobiogragic story with Lucia Portis and two years evening art school at the Liceo Cottini in Turin.

She graduated in art therapy (three years of the Center of Artiterapie of Lecco) in 2018, currently she is certified art therapist, member of Apiart n.466.

After an initial adolescent clay and watercolor course at Cleo and Giulio Vigna studio, she learned the art of ceramics from the master Bruno Carraro, the potter’s wheel with Francesca DellaBetta and Fabio Ciancaglini and then continued training with the masters Orazio Bindelli and Giovanni Cimatti.
She is currently training on the Montessori method with Sonia Coluccelli, trying to apply the pedagogy of freedom in the art therapy field.

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