Arttherapy with clay

TerreChiare art therapy courses aim to facilitate the natural creative expression, which reconnects us to life and well-being.

The clay changes into our hands and then, thanks to the fire, becomes ceramic: alchemical changes that resonate with our personal and group evolution.

We create tailor-made courses: each path is unique and changes according to the objectives and the needs of the participants.
Below we offer you a taste of some clay art therapy courses.

What IS Artthrapy:

  • A space and time dedicated to creativity.
  • A space and time dedicated to nourishing your inner artist.
  • A form of modern ritual.
  • An ancient art with a name coined in the early twentieth century.
  • A methodology that can cooperate synergistically with other paths of personal evolution and well-being.
  • A way to be in the present thanks to artistic creation. Art therapy is done in the present, not in the past or in the future. The biggest gift is to be present.
  • A way to spend some quality time with yourself and with others.
  • Surprise, magic, joy, trust, sharing, beauty, listening, meeting, spirituality, concreteness, humanity.

What is NOT Arttherapy

  • A space and a time of psychotherapy: for that kind of treatments there are specialized professionals.
  • A space and time dedicated to specific interpretations: instead we support a sincere dialogue with one’s own work and creative process, where each author is free to welcome the messages he feels at that moment.
  • A course to learn artistic techniques: technical support will be provided for the use of artistic materials, but techniques are not the purpose of art therapy.
  • Reserved for those who already have artistic skills: in reality we are all artists!
  • A magic wand of all evil. It always takes commitment and personal responsibility for well-being.
  • Judgment, competition, obligation, performance.

Courses for women

“I am the power within me.
I am the love of the sun and the earth.
I am the Great Spirit and I am eternal.
My life is full of love and joy! “
Abuela Margarita

Experiential workshops dedicated to women, to rediscover the goddess inside every woman.

Since the Neolithic period, clay was used to create ritual statuettes to celebrate the Great Goddess of Nature.

The contact with clay allows the woman to contact her nature.

The group becomes a safe space in which to express every part of oneself, between sisters, between friends, between women.

Workshops for children

“Every child should touch the clay, to understand that anything he touches in turn touches him.”
Paulus Berensohn

Contact with clay allows children to develop fine manual skills and increase “know-how“, balancing the virtual stimuli in which young people are immersed.

Attending the transformation of clay into ceramic teaches the chemical-physical transformations of matter.

The itineraries dedicated to children can focus on the elaboration of experiences and emotions, the ability to tell and listen in groups and / or educational objectives.

Giochiamo la terra is a project on the ecology and creativity aimed at children. We have created a dedicated youtube channel Giochiamo la terra and on the social facebook and instagram of Giochiamo la terra we will share the works of creative viewers!

Paths for adults

“But do you know how old I will be when I can finally play the piano / act / paint / write in a decent way?”
Yes, I answer. The same years as those you will have even if you don’t.
So let’s get started! “
Julia Cameron

Every human being is naturally creative. Overcoming inner judgment and relying on the beneficial flow of the Universe can improve the quality of life.

Inspired by the 12-week journey of Julia Cameron’s “The Way of the Artist“, we create a creative team to encourage each other to flourish!

“For me it was a path of inner growth where in addition to having brought out the things I had inside, also other qualities  emerged”.

“I have learned new things, unknown rituals and although I am far from these practices I feel ready to share them in my daily life, to try them to improve the quality of my life“.

“The path was rich and interesting, funny. It gave way to the group to join and allow everyone to open up to others”.

Collective Mandala
with “Essenza Creativa”

Create a collective work of beauty,

a portal between worlds,

a form of community healing!

Essenza Creativa is a collective born from the synergy

between Chiara Contatore’s TerreChiare

and Claudia Manzoni’s Tracce di Luce:

two professional art therapists

who will bring magic to your community!

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