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Ritual pottery

Unique, messengers of beauty and joy. Made by hand and with the heart. Discover our collections Soul and Decor!

Paths of Art therapy

Dedicated to women, adults and children. Discovering our creativity through clay. Topics and goals are tailored!

Ceramic Workshops

Learn the basic techniques such as slab, potters wheel, colombino, decoration, casting in plaster moldes, firing.

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Ceramics are materialized dreams, which give to your ambients the magic of something made by hand and with the heart. You can fill them with your intent and joie de vivre. By using them you can remember to smile and thank life.

Acchiappasogni – Dreamcatcher


Mandala di gratitudine – homedecor


Braciere calice – Sahumador – Copalera


Cubo di Metatron – Homedecor


Panorama- Homedecor


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In art therapy paths we dedicate time and space to contact the inner creative child, who wants to communicate with you and others by expressing his emotions and wisdom, creating clay works full of meaning with his hands. Particular attention is paid to the creative process rather than to the product.

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Giochiamo la terra is the TerreChiare project aimed at children between 5 and 12 years old.

We present environmental issues with self-built material and ceramic, stimulating creativity and ecological awareness.

“If I listen I forget, if I see I remember, if I do I understand” said Confucius!

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